Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – Evan Hinson has been a registered nurse in the Piedmont Emergency and Trauma Center for a year. He’s at the beginning of his career, but he already loves it.

“It feels like you’re tethered to them, or you’re a part of the journey they’re going through. So yea you just really get to fight for them and that’s the best thing you can ask for,” said Hinson.

Ironically Evan’s nursing career is starting at a place where his life almost ended. 5 years ago, when Evan was just 23 years old he suffered a cardiac arrest. He ended up going to Piedmont Midtown for initial treatment. Eventually he had to be airlifted to Atlanta for more care. He survived, and after a long rehabilitation journey, and a new internal defibrillator, Evan is back on his feet. The one thing he and his family remembered so well during that horrible time in his life were the way the nurses cared for him.

“They were there for me physically, emotionally, mentally. They were at bedside. They helped me. They helped talk with my family. They helped settle them down. That’s what I remember the most are my nurses, and I wanted to be that,” said Hinson.

After Evan learned how to walk again, and completed his rehab, he completed his nursing degree at Columbus State University. Now he’s working to help as many patients as possible at Piedmont Midtown. His coworkers are just blown away by his work ethic.

“He’s a fantastic nurse. He’s a fantastic person. He comes in and gives it his all. He’s attentive and I think it just comes from just this need to give back somehow,” said Ashley Forsythe, the Clinical Manager of Piedmont Emergency and Trauma.

That need to give back is exactly what drives Evan to be a great nurse, because he remembers that he was once a patient.

“You need to be a good nurse because you were a patient one day, and they helped save your life. You can have that opportunity,” said Hinson.

There are challenging days as a nurse for Evan, but working at Piedmont Midtown is a full circle moment for him. That is what keeps him motivated.

“Every day I work is full circle. I really have to put that in my mind every day. Because obviously it’s tough working here or in the ER. You really need a purpose to drive you. So I believe the Lord gave me that purpose,” said Hinson.

Evan still loves to stay active when he’s not working. He’s currently training to participate in an Iron Man Marathon.