AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – Looking for a family-friendly spot to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Auburn, Alabama? Look no further than The Plains Taproom, the city’s first self-pour establishment, featuring forty taps of unique brews ranging from sours and pale ales to IPAs, lagers, and more. 

Owned by Scott Brown, Dion Peoples, and Justin Alexander, The Plains Taproom offers a welcoming atmosphere for people of all ages and backgrounds, with delicious food, table games, and acoustic patio music. Peoples and Alexander met because their daughters both  have Down Syndrome. 

To ensure responsible drinking, each tap is equipped with a touch screen description of the beer, including alcohol content and price per ounce, and is only activated by a customer card. Each customer is limited to two drinks before requiring reauthorization from staff, in order to monitor for overconsumption. The owners prioritize the safety and comfort of families, creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment to try new brews.

The Plains Taproom is located at West Glenn Suite 200, near the Waffle House in downtown Auburn.

The owners want families to feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe while they try a new brew.