SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Though only sparklers, snappers, and poppers are allowed within the city limits, fireworks will still be happening and could cause strain on pets.

Doctor Michael Reid, a veterinarian at the Animal Health Center Hospital and Clinic, said the loud noises and flashing lights could be traumatic to a dog.

“They can tear up furniture, draperies, they can escape, and that’s probably the worst thing, they runoff and they’re not located,” said Reid.

Most pets aren’t used to these kinds of noises, so Reid’s advice is to keep them indoors and turn on the television for distraction.

“And remember that dogs hearing is much more sensitive than ours, so what seems like a normal noise to us is really scary to them,” said Reid.

Another suggestion is medication.

“If they’re really anxious, we have products called stress away and another one called Min-Tran,” said Reid. “These are holistic products. They’re really safe.”

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, vets cannot recommend CBD products. However, that’s not stopping first-time shoppers in Springfield from giving them to their pets.

“We have more and more owners stepping into the CBD products for the first time, trying to see if they can help relieve some of the anxiety their cats, dogs, and even livestock are experiencing,” said Jamie Tillman, the owner of Canna Bliss.

Tillman says pet treats are growing in popularity, but make sure to give the treat in time for it to work.

“Since it’s gotta be digested, it’s going to take a good hour, hour and 30 minutes to be in full effect,” said Tillman. “People are shooting off fireworks earlier and earlier.”

Children also have to be looked after during the holidays. Jb Lilley, the Bureau of Fire Prevention battalion chief, said even sparklers require safety precautions.

“For parents, it’s imperative for them to educate their children on the dangers of sparklers,” said Lilley. “They seem to come across as safe and mild, but they actually burn at 2,000 degrees.”

Parents should always make sure to have a smoke alarm.

“Test them monthly, that can save your family,” said Lilley.

During any Fourth of July meal, Ried said dogs can’t have chocolate, grapes, or anything with bones such as chicken.