MACON COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – A new state of the art metal detector has made its way to an Alabama High School. It’s the first of its kind. Instead of calling it a metal detector it’s a Passive Portal.

The increase of gun violence on school campuses has led to a new patented technology. Passive Portals patented technology is looking for one thing, weapons.

“We need to be protecting our children, it’s a different world out there.”

Michele Mase – Passive Portals, Public Relations Director

It is the first non-radiation metal detector in the world. It detects objects down to the size of a paperclip.

“It’ll tell you exactly where the weapon is located. Whether it’s in your pocket or hidden in your sock, the scanner will tell you automatically where the weapon is.”

Michele Mase – Passive Portals, Public Relations Director

The technology reads the earth’s magnetic field, responding to input directly from the physical environment that it is placed in. Friday night lights, Notasulga vs Lochapoka was the first time Macon County School District tested the new devices which increase outdoor safety.

“Anyway to stay abreast and stay on top and be innovative. We are fortunate enough to have the funds to purchase them.”

Melissa T. Williams, Macon County Super Intendant

Superintendant Williams says the Passive Portal cost less than your average metal detector, at 5-thousand-dollars a piece. They were purchased using Macon County Schools security and safety funds. Notasulga Principal, Lasisi Hooks says the school will be able to use them more often as they are extremely mobile.

“They are light weight and without radiation so it helps with that. We know in the long-term the radiation can cause harm to the body. We are excited to have these since they are the first ones to come out. We look forward to dealing with them and working with them and hopefully having plenty more.”

Lasisi Hooks – Principal Notasulga High School

Macon County Schools currently owns 4 passive portals and plans to purchase more. School districts that contract with Passive Portals will be given a free tablet for all children on food stamps. Notalsulga is the first school in Macon County to use these Passive Portals on their campus.