COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Some tense moments at St. Francis Emory Healthcare in Columbus as an armed threat led to a lockdown Wednesday afternoon.

Just before 5:30 Wednesday evening the Columbus Police Department responded to a call at St. Francis Emory Healthcare regarding a possible armed threat. Deputy Chief Clyde Dent tells WRBL in an exclusive interview the threat came from a female that was armed and making threats from the hospital’s parking garage.

“We made every effort to search every part of this hospital to ensure that there was nobody of that description in the hospital. We’ve taken other measures also to check and see if there’s any validity to this. Right now, we do not have any evidence of anybody being harmed in the hospital here, but we have to take every precaution to make sure that that was the case.”

Deputy Chief Clyde Dent – Columbus Police Department

The hospital went on a complete lockdown which lasted almost an hour, during that time nobody was being let in or out. Deputy Dent couldn’t speak to the hospital’s protocol but says it’s CPD’s priority to get in as quickly as possible.

“We have to assess the situation, but of course … we have to act quick just to make sure that if we do have an active shooter, then we go in and neutralize the threat.”

Deputy Chief Clyde Dent – Columbus Police Department

St. Francis posted updates on their Facebook page, stating the lockdown was put in place out of an abundance of caution.

Once that lockdown was lifted there was a lot of emotion as loved ones were reunited. Thankfully the active threat was lifted and an all clear was given

Deputy Chief Dent said this was a joint effort between CPD and the hospital’s security. Multiple patrol officers stayed on the scene following the lockdown to ensure everyone’s safety.