That’s the number it would take for you to beat John Orth’s record for most pull-ups in 24 hours in 2018.

But Brandon Tucker, the former army ranger, did just that… and more.

Brandon Tucker’s hands after doing 7,715 pull-ups for 24 hours

Look at these hands, they just helped Brandon Tucker lift his 192-pound frame to beat the world record for most pull-ups in 24 hours at Uncommon Athlete on 1st Avenue.

The Former Army Ranger says by doing pull-ups he’s pulling others up with him– and encouraging them to push themselves beyond what they believe their limits are.

Tucker went through a few challenging things including the death of his mother and the end of a career but all that did was motivate him. He says many times, he almost quit but with the help of his friends and family.. he pushed through.

Dustin Tucker, Brandon’s older brother

“I kinda put that in his head and told him to not get stuck on 7600, once we get there we’re gonna keep going and we’re gonna ride it out the whole way,” says his older brother Dustin Tucker.

As time crept on, Tucker’s medical team iced his arms and kept his hydrated. “I think mentally he just started hitting a block, you know 20, 30 minutes to go but just telling him physically regardless this 30 minutes isn’t gonna make a difference on if he’s gonna be sore over the next couple of days, he’s gonna be sore regardless. I just kept him mentally focused that way he could continue,” says physical therapist Ray Lynch.

But finally, he did it, hitting 7, 715 pull-ups and he owes it all to his mom. “I said I wanted to do this for her,” says Tucker.

It will take the Guinness book of world records 12 weeks to verify that Tucker defeated the record.. but from Tucker and all of his friends, they believe he crushed it.

Tucker was also raising money to donate to non-profit organizations.

“My goal is to raise $1 for every pull-up and donate that money to several nonprofits whose mission is helping veterans. Those nonprofits are Achilles International Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans, Higher Ground USA, Rescue 22, Warrior Fortitude, Darby’s Warrior Support, Warrior Outreach, Inc.”

You can donate here.