COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Columbus State University is deepening their relationship with our military community. The newly renamed Military-Connected Student Services office at CSU hopes to allow easy access for servicemen and women and their families on Fort Moore.

Columbus State University has hired retired Major General Pat Donahoe to connect the dots and make access to a degree smoother than ever.

Be Moore, is a daily motto on post for servicemen and women and their families following the renaming in May. Be Moore, is now extending onto Columbus State University’s campus.

“That’s really a challenge and that’s a challenge of constantly improving but never being satisfied, ourselves and our family members. Columbus State University helps our soldiers, Be Moore.”

Maj. Gen. Curtis Buzzard – Commander, U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Moore

The focus on military students allows CSU to craft their curriculum to meet specific students needs like creating interdisciplinary degrees.

“So that non commissioned officer that’s PSC changed stations 17 times in their career and has classes from 14 different universities we’re working through interdisciplinary to cobble all of that together to provide here the 5 or 10 courses you need to get your bachelors”

Maj. Gen. Pat Donahoe (ret.), Special assistant to the president for military liaison, Columbus State University

Major General Donahoe has been able to establish what the greatest needs are and how to serve those needs, bridging a long standing gap. It’s a win-win for Fort Moore and the University.

“A lot of our students will start here and when they transition to another installation, they aren’t sure what they were going to do, and it used to be we could not serve them once they left.”

 Dr. Stuart Rayfield, President, Columbus State University

That’s not the case anymore.

“The development of online learning and virtual education. We are able to service them from the time they walk in this door to the time they graduate no matter where they are in the world.”

 Dr. Stuart Rayfield, President, Columbus State University

CSU strives to meet the highest needs of the military and military family.

“It really is our duty and responsibility to understand their educational needs and serve those needs. It’s a real honor to be a part of.”

Dr. Stuart Rayfield, President, Columbus State University

As a part of increasing the access for these soldiers , CSU Dean of the Business School Dr. Deborah Kidder will be going on post at Fort Moore to teach what they call a Killer Kidder Course.  Over 3 weekends military students will complete an entire course at a sped up pace.

CSU has over 1,200 military affiliated students every semester. That makes up 20% of the CSU Student population.