COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – It’s no secret, pulling up to the gas pump has been costing Americans a hefty penny. One local non-profit, F.A.I.T.H is doing their part to help residents in Columbus.

The Feeding Accepting Inspiring The Hurting (F.A.I.T.H) team rolled up their sleeves and offered nearly 200 Columbus residents some relief at the pump. Between the pandemic, inflation, and the new school year right around the corner many say it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The line of cars poured out of the Circle K on Macon Rd all the way down Reese Road. Free gas was offered to the first 200 vehicles.

“It’s an opportunity for the entire community to understand what we’re doing. So that it would not just be an effort of us, but the effort of this wonderful community that is Columbus Georgia.”

Pastor James Gant – Corinth Missionary Baptist Church

Folks filled up their tanks for free and that kind gesture from FAITH became a domino effect. Donations began pouring in to support the mission the FAITH team is set out to accomplish. That mission, raising money along side the 1st Lady Charity Luncheon. The luncheon honors Columbus’ First Lady, Karon Henderson, Mayor Skip Henderson’s wife.

“We’re trying to help young boys in their community to give them extra-curricular activities. Some parents cannot afford for their kids that are playing football, track basketball, and we want to pull into their lives and pay for these things for them.”

Patricia Gant – CEO of FAITH – Feeding. Accepting. Inspiring the Hurting

Free gas was their way of raising awareness for the upcoming luncheon, but for many like Danielle Wallace, the last car to receive gas for the day, the gesture goes a long way.

“You know it’s hard out here. You got parents working. Kids going back to school. We’ve got all these fees for everything. So this is a blessing. It’s a blessing.”

Danielle Wallace – Columbus Resident, Car #200

The luncheon coming up on September 10th will be held at the Columbus Convention & Trade Center. Tickets are 65 dollars a person. The proceeds will go towards funding after-school programs.

They were able to give out over 573 gallons of gas, at no cost to Columbus residents. Their hope is people continue to pay it forward.