TROUP COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) – An incident at a Troup County High School led to the expulsion of a 15-year-old student back in February. An Atlanta based attorney and the Troup County Branch of the NAACP took it to the Georgia State Board of Education, who over turned the ruling. The family of 15-year-old Conyia Williams sat down with WRBL’s Kenzie Beach.

Conyia Williams got into an altercation with another student in February of her freshman year at Callaway High School. The incident led her to throwing a cell phone at the student. Instead it hit a teacher in the head.

“I never had any intention of hurting the teacher… me and that teacher had a really good bond and she was my flag football coach.”

Conyia Williams – Sophomore High School student, Troup County Schools

The Troup County School Board originally suspended the freshman for 10 days. Later that 10 day suspension was changed to an expulsion. Atlanta based lawyer, Andrew Lampros says the crime did not fit the punishment.

“We weren’t advocating for no punishment at all. What she did was wrong and she accepted that and what she did was wrong but in terms of the harm that was done to the teacher that was an accident.”

Andrew Lampros – Atlanta based Attorney, Hall and Lampros

Following the Georgia State Board of Educations ruling, Coniya Williams is back in the classroom.

“I felt like God gave me a second chance in life and I got to prove everyone wrong. I got to prove the people that doubted me wrong.”

Conyia Williams – Sophomore High School student, Troup County Schools

She plans to do just that.

“I’m graduating early, I’m doing dual enrollment, and I’m joining every sport that I can.”

Conyia Williams – Sophomore High School student, Troup County Schools

For her mother Constance, she knew she had to fight for her daughter during some of the most transformative years of her life.

“I can’t just let this go because it was a mistake. I was like I just can’t give up on my child and I didn’t.”

Constance Hopson – Coniya Williams Mother

Hopkins leaned on her community and advocated for Coniya.

“It was wonderful to see so many people saw what I see in my child. To see how I raised my child, to know she is a good child. She is well educated, she is smart.”

Constance Hopson – Coniya Williams Mother

Coniya is a multi-sport athlete and her mother say she is doing well in the classroom. Majority of her grades are A’s and B’s.

Coniya no longer attends Callaway High School, but is still in the Troup County School system.