COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Georgia Attorney General Chirs Carr was in Columbus Thursday afternoon. And he sat down with WRBL for a Sunday Conversation.

He was asked about gangs, crimes in Columbus, and other topics, but two answers he gave to political questions were most interesting.

It was reported this week that Carr is talking about a 2026 run for governor. WRBL asked him about that.

“Well, first things first. I’ve got a job I got to do and that’s I’m so proud that the people of Georgia have given me the opportunity to serve as attorney general,” Carr said. “We’ve still got a lot going on with human trafficking and gangs, domestic terrorism. Things are going on in Atlanta — elder abuse and others. That’s No. 1. politically — we’ve got to get through ‘24. And I am focused on making sure that there’s not four more years of a Biden Administration. And we’ve got to make sure we maintain our House and Senate members right here in Georgia.”

The meat of his answer came next.

“But certainly, I’m looking long-term and we have had some great governors in this state,” he said. “I have had some conversations with some folks, but that will take care of itself when it does. I have got to keep our eye on the ball.”

WRBL also asked Carr about the possibility of current Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp entering the 2024 presidential race as a late hopeful.

Here’s that exchange:

Reporter: “You have been a strong ally of Gov. Kemp’s from day one. When you talk about Georgia’s story hasn’t really been told at the national level, how much of that Georgia story is Brian Kemp?

Carr: “Oh, a lot of it is. He deserves a tremendous amount of credit. When he ran for governor in 2018. I was on the stump with him. I never once heard him say, ‘I will be the best governor in a global health pandemic, economic crisis, social justice unrest, and a historically contested election. But you know what? Leaders wake up, they go to work each day and they put their head down. And that’s what Brian Kemp did.

Reporter: Do you see a situation where Governor Kemp gets pulled into the current presidential campaign?

Carr: “If he does, I’m going to stay with my guy. He has been absolutely fantastic. And if that’s what he ends up doing and ends up choosing to do, I’ll be right there with him supporting him 1,000 percent.

Reporter: Do you think it can happen?

Carr: “Again, I know there’s a lot of chatter. He’s certainly been a part of the national conversation. And whether it’s President, vice president, cabinet, running for the Senate, Brian Kemp’s the most popular politician in Georgia, and he is unbeatable in whatever he decides he’s going to do.”

Carr has been pulled into the most recent indictment of former President Donald Trump. A phone call Trump made to Carr was mentioned in the Jan. 6th federal indictment. WRBL asked Carr about that. He said it was inappropriate for him to comment on that at this time.