Georgia born author Anne Rivers Siddons passes away


Charleston, S.C. (WRBL)– Best-selling author Anne Rivers Siddons passed away in her home in Charleston, South Carolina Wednesday morning. Siddons was born in Fairburn, Georgia in 1936 according to The Post and Courier.

Siddons attended college at Auburn University from 1954-1958. During her time at Auburn she wrote for the campus newspaper, The Auburn Plainsman. Later, during Siddons professional career she would become a senior editor at Atlanta Magazine.

While at Auburn University, during the civil rights era, Siddons published an editorial that was pro-integration. It would get her dismissed from The Auburn Plainsman. However the progressive editorial would national attention.

The editorial by then Anne Rivers read in part:

“Many People have said it’s an almost impossible task to change an established way of life over night. Granted. But that doesn’t mean that that way of life is beyond reproach. We aren’t worried about having to change our way of life. We’re worried about having to change our own standards, our own values. We like us the way we are, even if we’re dead wrong. So lets go and fling a few stones and to the devil with worrying about our own moral petticoats. Let ’em drag in the mud. It’s good old southern mud.”

The acclaimed writer published 19 novels. Siddons’ novels focused mainly on the south. Some of Siddons’ works include: “Peachree Road,” “Burnt Mountain,” and “The House Next Door.”

One of Siddons’ novels was “Heartbreak Hotel.” The novel featured protagonist Maggie Deloach as a college student during the civil rights era. Maggie commits an act of defiance that changes her life. The novel is somewhat based on Siddons’ experience at Auburn University.

Siddons’ step-son says the author died of lung cancer. She was 83-years-old.

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