COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Say Their Names was built to share the stories of the lives lost from police brutality and racist civilian attacks.

As names continue to be added to the list… families still want answers. The sidewalks of Victory Drive in South Columbus were filled with photos of loved ones that are no longer with us.

Families from all over the state took to the streets of Columbus to raise awareness. A list of names echoed off of a megaphone as they chanted “Say Their Names” in between, as passing cars honked in solidarity.

One daughter from Roberta mourns the loss of her father, Denrick Stallings. Saturday’s event served as a way to honor him, but doesn’t fill the void she faces daily.

“I never thought I would have to see my daddy’s picture on a billboard or on a T-shirt,” said Dendree Cox. “You know, I appreciate them doing it and we love it, but it’s heartbreaking.”

A billboard hangs over the city of Columbus with 3 pictures of victims that lost their lives during encounters with law enforcement. The Mother’s Against Police Brutality are saying their names to raise awareness.

Le’Den Boykins, Denrick Stallings, and Muscogee County native Jarvis Lykes were killed in the last 6 years. Jarvis Lykes mother, Kathy Scott-Lykes, lost her son in 2017 when he was shot by a Georgia State Patrol trooper at the dead end of Lumpkin Court.

Six years after his death, Kathy still has unanswered questions.

“I am his voice now,” said Kathy. “I am his presence, and I’m going to make sure that the world will remember. Jarvis Scottie Lykes. I will make sure of that.”

The majority of these families still have years of unanswered questions. They want to know what happened to their loved ones before their sudden deaths. Some of them are continuing to gather information to present in future court cases.