A Manchester mom is demanding answers after she obtained video that she says shows officers in the Manchester Police Department abusing her 19-year-old son. 

News 3 sat down with the mother and her son who say the officers roughed him up but police have their own version of what happened.

Denarvious Carter says the officers in this video violently handled him until he passed out — while he was in handcuffs. 

They came and got me from the back of the cell, and he was already talking very dirty, calling me out of my name, Carter says. 

Carter says they handcuffed him and it went downhill from there. He says an officer then put hands on him. He choked me up against the wall and then that’s when they threw me out of the door, he says. 

He says even though he and his mother requested all the footage that part was left out. 

We’re missing the main part of the video where he actually choked me out, Carter continued. 

Carter’s mom, Kisler Oglesby, says she still can’t believe this happened to her son. I blanked. I just went blank. It’s an unexplainable feeling to see your child getting treated like that. To see your child laying there lifeless, and they’re just carrying on a conversation and they’re just sitting there, spittin‘, laughin‘, talkin‘ like its nobody. You don’t even know if he was dead, because they didn’t check to see, Oglesby says. 

Now she wants one thing. Answers.. answers. I’m looking for Janowski and every other officer that came up while my son was laying on the ground to be held accountable, Oglesby says. 

Manchester Police Chief Gray Couch says Carter was not beaten by any of his officers. He claims that Carter faked a seizure and went to the ground. An internal investigation was conducted but no evidence supported the claims from Carter and Oglesby that officer Christopher Janowski did any wrong.