ATLANTA (WRBL) — Anti-Semitic flyers were found over the weekend in several Atlanta suburbs. They were similar to pamphlets found a month ago in Midtown Columbus.

The “hate-filled” flyers were reportedly found in several communities on Saturday in metro Atlanta, including Sandy Springs and Dunwoody.

The literature drew a quick response from members of the Georgia General Assembly on Monday.

One of the reasons the response was so quick from the General Assembly was this literature ended up at the home of its only Jewish member — Esther Panitch, a Sandy Springs Democrat. Dozens of lawmakers stood with their Sandy Springs colleague.

This happened in Columbus a month ago. Here’s what two Columbus lawmakers had to say today.

“That kind of stuff anywhere affects everyone everywhere,” said Se. Ed Harbison. “And we need to be all brothers and sisters in that regard to make sure that what we do is stand against that kind of message because it gets like a cancer in your soul. And that’s segregation, discrimination, and anti-Semitic kinds of stuff, it’s just wrong. And we shouldn’t tolerate it one second. And the governor and the people of this General Assembly have spoken against it. And so do I. It’s wrong.”

Rep. Teddy Reese echoed the sentiments.

“There’s no place for hate in Georgia,” Reese said. “The Speaker made that extremely clear today. The presence that you saw on the House floor, standing with our Jewish colleague, Ester Panitch shows that there is no place for hate here in the state of Georgia.”

Gov. Brian Kemp responded on Twitter.

“This kind of hate has no place in our state and the individuals responsible do not share Georgia’s values. If needed, state law enforcement stands ready to assist
@SandySprings_PD and @DunwoodyPolicevin their investigations,” Kemp Tweeted.

Sen. Jon Ossoff, the Georgia’s first elected Jewish U.S. senator, condemned the hateful flyers. He said in a statement, “We are united in our rejection of bigotry.”

WRBL has reached out to Columbus Police to see the status of the investigation into the flyers found in Midtown Columbus on the weekend of January 8th. We are awaiting a response.