HARRIS COUNTY, Ga.- When it comes to the Sardis Cemetery vandalism,some people are reportedly coming forward, admitting to riding ATV’s.

Scotty Smith, the man who brought us the story says he’s gotten several messages on facebook  and some of them caught him by surprise.

Smith says he’s still getting threats after going public with the vandalism reports.

He says the news comes after monitoring his surveillance and capturing folks riding ATV’s, having sex, participating in drug-related activity, and shooting guns in the area.

He says, they seem to think they’re not doing anything wrong.

Smith says some folks have even admitted to certain cemetery behaviors saying it’s okay for them to do so, because they have family members buried at Sardis.

When we last reported on this story- we told you Smith planned to submit pages of proof to Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley. I’ve not been able to get an update on that just yet because Smith is on vacation.

I’ll touch base with him when he gets back in town to see what went down- when he and Jolley met.