City of Hamilton vetoes extending Redspeed cameras hour of operation


HAMILTON, Ga. (WRBL) – The City of Hamilton has given out 1409 speeding tickets since Jan. 6. Less than half of these speeding tickets have been paid, leaving 754 outstanding.

Assistant to the Mayor, Buddy Walker said 16 people have requested a court date to fight their ticket, adding that anyone who wishes to do so can request a date through the Redspeed camera company.

The first court date is Friday, April 7. Walker said Judge Gilson will be getting access from the company to have access to the camera footage prior to the court day. This will allow him to accurately review the camera footage and reference it during court.

The City Council has also voted against extending the camera’s hours of operation through the entirety of the school day.

“The law says that the tickets can be issued one hour before school begins and one hour after classes are dismissed and that’s what the law says very specifically,” said Walker. “The mayor and council after a great deal of discussion uh the majority voted to keep the tickets during the flashing period only.”

He explained that this can change with a simply City Council vote.

Walker said several of the complaints they’ve received are regarding the school cameras being active at different times because of the different school day hours.

“We have found no tickets, none that are not legitimate, no ticket have we found that’s been out of time of when the school zone lights are flashing,” said Walker. “No weekends, no holidays, no nothing and if anyone out there has one that they think is incorrect we’d certainly like them to bring it by City Hall”

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