GEORGIA (WRBL) – This is the last week of early voting in Georgia, with Friday the last day to cast your ballot early.

Brad Raffensperger, the Secretary of State, says Georgia has seen record turnouts this election, with nearly three million people who have already cast their ballots.

Raffensperger says he is committed to safe, secure, and transparent elections. For the first time, his office will audit the races with a mathematical model.

The Secretary of State says he has asked polling precincts to split up locations for wait times longer than 30 minutes, but encourages people to have a voting plan and to expect long lines on election day because of first time poll workers.

While Raffensperger doesn’t expect bandwidth issues on the state’s “E-Net” systems, he anticipates long lines because the state is expecting that three million people may show up at the polls on the Nov. 3 election day.

The last day to request an absentee ballot is Friday, but the state says that everyone should make sure their signature is clear so that the ballot is not rejected.

“So far, we’ve had a million ballots come in and only 429 have been rejected,” Gabriel Sterling, statewide implementation manager, said. “What happens in those situations is the county will contact you and say the is an issue with your absentee ballot and you have to come in and cure it. The good part is you have 3 days until after the election to come and fix it and sign it, and bring and ID says this is me and make sure your vote is counted.”

To track your absentee ballot online, go to or You have until the Friday after election day to fix your absentee ballot if it was rejected.