COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Wayne Johnson’s civil lawsuit against Jeremy Hunt and Fox News has been dismissed in a decision made by Federal Judge Clay Land.

In a colorfully worded 11-page order, Judge Land threw the case out.

Wayne Johnson ran for Congress during the 2022 election cycle. His catchy campaign jingle, ‘stop the stupid in Washington,’ covered south Georgia’s Second Congressional District like the
dew. But it was not enough. He was unable to muster enough votes to even make it into the Republican primary runoff election…”

– Court Document

You can read the full document below.

“Instead of accepting his defeat graciously, he seeks to recover speculative lost campaign contributions from one of his Republican primary opponents, Jeremy C. Hunt, the Fox News Network, and one of its on-air personalities, Brian M. Kilmeade. He alleges that they engaged in a racketeering mail and wire fraud scheme to unlawfully promote Hunt’s candidacy. In today’s “stop the steal” era, where litigious losing politicians seem to have as many lawyers on the campaign team as they do media consultants, one perhaps should not be surprised by the present lawsuit.

Notwithstanding the general emergence of political campaign grievance litigation, Plaintiffs’ specific complaint here is not plausible.”
– Federal Judge Clay Land, Court Ruling