Final meeting on government center renovations presents option for city council


The third and final public meeting for folks to have their voices heard by city officials, happened tonight.
Folks had a chance to hear about the options presented in a study on the government center renovations and/or new construction.

They did it all with their cell phones.

Mayor Skip Henderson and other city workers allowed citizens to give their input on what would happen with renovations of the government center over the course of three separate meetings. 

If you recall, over the summer there were multiple flooding incidents in the building, which houses city departments as well as most of the Muscogee County court operation. It left more than half the courtrooms unusable and forced some judges to move their offices to another building.

Mayor Henderson and his staff presented four options on how to proceed with the building:

Option 1: Complete demolition of wings and garage. New judicial center. Renovate tower for city administration (reuse of structure only). New parking garage.

Option 2: Complete demolition of tower, wings, and garage. New judicial center  New parking garage. New city administration building.

Option 3: Complete demolition of tower, wings, and garage. New judicial center with border footprint and fewer stories. New judicial parking garage. New city administration building on new site to be determined by the city. On grade parking is assumed for administration building. 

Option 4: All existing functions of the current government center moved to new buildings on a new site determined by the city. New judicial center. New city admin building. Parking garage or site parking determined by site capacity and requirements.

“So far they have an opportunity to vote for each other four options and its been kinda trending towards building two new buildings off site. The key would be that if it did relocate to somewhere off the main site. We’d try to put it somewhere where it’s going to remain close to the downtown area that way it wouldn’t be much of an impact leaving that whole vibrant area down there,” says Mayor Henderson.

Mayor Henderson says if you weren’t able to attend any of the meetings, you can always voice your opinion through social media, email or let your district representatives know how you feel. 

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