DOUGLAS, Ga. (WRBL) – The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is reaching out to the public in hope of getting break in a murder that has gone more than 23 years without being solved.

According to officials, on the evening of Nov. 2, 1998, cab driver, John McKinnon left his home to pick-up an unknown passenger in Douglas, Ga.

A short time later, McKinnon’s wife heard repeated keying over the CB radio McKinnon used in his taxi cab. She asked if he was okay and the keying stopped.

About 45 minutes later, McKinnon’s body was found in a rural area of nine miles west of Douglas, in a ditch. He had been shot and killed.

McKinnon’s wallet, along with his taxi and and the keys to it were all gone, stolen in an apparent robbery.

McKinnon’s taxi was later recovered on South Gaskin Extension in Douglas, more than ten miles from where his body had been found.

Anyone with information about the unsolved murder of John McKinnon about this case is asked to call the GBI at 912-389-4103.