GEORGIA (WRBL) – Heading into the final days of early voting and the number of investigations regarding elections and voting following the 2020 Presidential election, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Secretary of State’s Office provided an update on ongoing investigations into election fraud claims.

GBI Director Vic Reynolds said the agency was asked to assist the Secretary of State’s Office with an audit of absentee and vote-by-mail ballots. Agents conducted a review of 10 percent of votes. The audit was physically conducted on Dec. 21 and Dec. 22 in Cobb County, according to Reynolds.

The audit conducted by officers from the GBI and Sec. of State’s Office reviewed 15,118 absentee ballot oath envelopes, according to Reynolds, and “confirmed the accuracy of the initial determination of the Cobb County election department in all but two cases.”

Reynolds said the two cases in question were allowed that should not have been, but agents confirmed that the voters had in fact cast their ballots, though some procedural issues persisted. The audit team confirmed in both cases that the voters in question had cast their ballots.

In the first of the two cases, Reynolds said that there was no signature on the appropriate place on the ballot envelope. Agents physically found the voter in question and interviewed them. They learned the voter had signed the front of the envelope, which was the wrong location for the signature.

The second case, when agents found the voter, they learned that the signature had not matched because the voter’s spouse had signed the signature line, rather than the voter themselves.

Out of the more than 15,000 ballots reviewed during the GBI and Secretary of State audit in Cobb County, those two instances were the only two votes counted that should not have been. Both ballots were eligible for what’s known as a vote “cure” but the voters were not contacted, according to Reynolds.

“During the course of the audit, there were no fraudulent absentee ballots identified during the process,” Reynolds said.

As a result of the audit, the GBI was able to put a number to the Cobb County election board’s accuracy, which came in at 99.99 percent accuracy rate.

Read the full report summary from the audit below: