SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — For the first time since her arrest in November of last year, Leilani Simon was in a Chatham County courtroom Thursday morning. The mother, accused of murdering her 20-month-old son, faces 19 charges, including three for murder.

Chatham County Judge Tammy Stokes denied Simon’s bond during a hearing Thursday morning.

Despite the defense arguing that Simon wasn’t a flight risk, had a Department and Family Children’s Services plan that required her to stay local, and had arrangements to live at a home outside of Chatham County, Judge Tammy Stokes declined to grant her a bond.

Stokes told the court there is a possibility that Simon would commit another felony if allowed to be out on bond and that she was a flight risk and might not return to face the charges.

After denying the bond, Simon’s attorney asked for a postponed arraignment, which also didn’t happen.

As the WSAV Investigative Unit reported Wednesday, Leilani Simon’s defense team filed motions to ask the court to throw out the three murder charges and four other charges in the eight-page indictment.

During the arraignment, Judge Stokes said she would schedule hearings for those motions only after the arraignment.

Leilani Simon pleaded not guilty to beating, killing, and throwing her toddler, Quinton Simon, in a dumpster last October.

Simon’s attorneys have now formally requested the case go before a jury.