Georgia Governor Brian Kemp on abortion law: “I did what I promised Georgians I would do.”


Georgia’s governor is standing firm on the state’s abortion bill even as more actors and directors threaten to boycott Georgia’s bustling film industry.

“Look, I’m sure people will protest. People protested during the session,” said Governor Brian Kemp.

Governor Brian Kemp acknowledges that a lot of people are angry over his decision to sign the heartbeat abortion bill into law, but he stands by that decision.

“I know they’re mad at me for doing what I said I would do, but I think most Georgians appreciate that,” Kemp said.

We were there as Kemp signed that bill into law — making it illegal to perform abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Hundreds of people protested the bill at the Capitol and on social media actors, directors and others in the film industry protested, too.

Ron Howard and Jason Bateman joined that list this past weekend.

Back in April, actress Alyssa Milano showed up at the capitol to protest.

“We reject this attempt to criminalize women for making the decision that works best for them in their lives,” Milano said during her April visit.

The film industry brings in an estimated $3 billion dollars a year to Georgia, mostly thanks to the states generous tax breaks.

Governor Kemp says he still supports those tax incentives and wants Hollywood to keep shooting movies and TV shows here. But he also said he will stand firm in his support for the new law.

“A lot of the folks are the same people that worked against me in the election. They said the same thing after I was sworn in, and now they’re saying the same thing after I did what I promised Georgians I would do,” said Kemp.

The so-called ‘Heartbeat Abortion’ law goes into effect January 1.

It is expected to face several legal challenges before then.

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