PIKE COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) — Peaches are facing a crisis. You may be out of luck this season if you’re looking for fresh Georgia peaches.

Georgia lost over 90% of its peach crops due to the record-setting warm weather in traditionally colder months, leaving the crops to suffer.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, Georgia is the third-largest producer of peaches in the country, normally producing more than 130 million pounds of peaches annually.

Farmer Stewart Gregg, shares more about the peach shortage.

 “ So every year the peaches need so many hours of cold.And once they bloom, they don’t need any more hours of cold. And so if this year on Earth, people notice, but like in February, it got really warm and so everything was really starting to bloom. And then I think it was like the 13th, the 16th and the 19th of March,” said Stewart Greg.

“I mean, they got below freezing for several hours a night. And so those peaches, those peach flowers were susceptible to the cold and since it was so cold for so long, it killed the flowers on the trees. And those flowers are the ones that grow into peaches. So if you come and look at the orchard, just drive down the street. You won’t see any peaches hanging on the tree because they were all killed.”

This is the worst season that the farm has seen in its 50 plus years of service. Many peach farms have had to close for the season because of the shortage including Gregg Farms. This price of peaches in the stores has also tripled this season.