ATLANTA, Ga. – (WRBL) – The Georgia Public Service Commission, headquartered in Atlanta, and responsible for regulating several major utilities in the state, has a new Chairman.

Tricia Pridemore was unanimously elected to represent the commission, Tuesday July 20, and has represented the organization since 2018, according to a news release. She will hold this position until 2024. The commission includes five other members.

“I am honored that my fellow Commissioners have elected me to serve as chair,” Pridemore said. “I look forward to working with them to continue the mission of the Public Service Commission – ensuring that every Georgian has access to affordable and reliable utility services.”

Utilities regulated by the PSC include electric, gas and telecommunications companies, determined by whether the utility is owned by investors. They do not, however, set rates for municipally-owned companies despite these companies being required to come before the committee in regards to financial and territorial disputes.

“The Georgia Public Service Commission has exclusive power to decide what are fair and reasonable rates for services under its jurisdiction,” according to the PSC.

Pridemore has several years experience in business, technology and workforce development, which will aid her in her new position as Chairman.