Kemp, Abrams race could lead to runoff

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A spokesperson from the Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp’s campaign declared he won the governor’s race earlier today but Stacey Abrams confirmed to WSB-TV that she will not concede until every vote is counted. 

We all knew the votes were going to be close but we didn’t know it’d be this close. At last look, Brian Kemp held 50 percent of the vote, with Stacey Abrams coming in with a very close 49 percent. The other percent belongs to libertarian Ted Metz.

So is there a possibility of a runoff? A Columbus State University political science professor says there may be a possibility.

“Those libertarians votes… are they going to simply stay home or are they going to come out and participate in a runoff. It could generate greater output from both parties to be able to vote on a Dec. 4 runoff,” says Dr. Gordon. 

Dr. Gordon believes the tight race is a major reflection of just how polarized the country is in terms of party identification, particularly in big elections.  

In an email sent to News 3, Abrams outlined why Kemp’s declaration came just a little too early citing a few reasons why she could win the race through recount or runoff. 

Here are her reasons: 

  • The Abrams campaign is currently at a deficit of 62,881 votes – that is the lead that Brian Kemp currently holds. Again, there were more than 3.7 million votes cast.
  • An additional 23,7833 Abrams votes pushes this race into recount threshold *
  • An additional 25,632 Abrams votes pushes this race into runoff threshold **

Claims from Brian Kemp’s Campaign/Office of the Secretary of State

  • There are 22,000 provisional ballots
  • There are 3,000 outstanding ballots
  • Combined, there are therefore a total of 25,000 total outstanding ballots.
  • NOTE: Kemp has offered no data, no proof, and no county breakdown.  We believe these 25,000 ballots are in predominantly Democratic areas, but the Secretary of State has offered no proof, no data, and no breakdowns.  Our campaign is on ground in all 159 counties collecting data, information and stories of voting irregularities and voter suppression. While this is the job of the Secretary of State, Brian Kemp’s ongoing failure to do his job has necessitated the Abrams Campaign’s stepping in to ensure voters rights are protected.

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