Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is appealing a judge’s order regarding absentee ballots and applications.

Kemp is asking a federal judge to suspend to order governing the handling of those with mismatched signatures while he appeals it. 

U.S. District Judge Leigh may have issued a final order yesterday instructing the state to stop rejecting the ballots and applications because of a signature mismatch. 

Without first giving voters a chance to fix the problem. 

“The people who are rejecting these are not handwriting experts, they are lay people. They are hard working elections officials who never signed up to be handwriting experts,” says Sean Young of the ACLU.

The secretary of state’s office must mandate to the counties if those signatures don’t match, 

They can’t automatically reject the ballot. The ballot becomes “PROVISIONAL” and the voter must be given a chance to prove his or her identity and have their vote counted.