Local mom outraged over child’s toy gun, school suspension


HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. – On November first, Ashleigh Conley says her son got a five day school suspension from Creekside Intermediate School.

She says he realized his toy gun was in the side of his backpack.

She says he was about to notify the bus driver when a child who was sitting behind him- yelled, “It’s a gun!

Conley explains what happened after her son took the toy to the bus driver.

“She pulled to the side of the road, his assistant principal boarded the bus with two other people and she pointed at him and said come here.”

Conley says she agrees, there should have been a consequence.

“I do, I do and let me explain why but I think that it should’ve been what’s consistent with what they do with a child… who has a toy,” says Conley.

She says the five day school suspension was too extreme, for someone like her son Donavin.

“As a matter of fact he did so good that he got the Chief Character Award at school and then the very school that gives it to him, puts my child’s character in question,” says Conley.

Donavin explains what the principal told him.

“He said if you stab a kid, you’re in this much trouble. If you steal money from a teacher, you’re in this much trouble. If you run down the hall cursing then you’re in this much trouble. But if you bring a toy to school you’re in THIS much trouble,” says Donavin.

Conley says the school’s actions send the wrong message to students.

“Tell the truth and you get in that much trouble…why tell the truth?” says Conley.

News 3 reached out to the principal at Creekside Intermediate School.

When we called the school I did manage to get the assistant on the phone, when she asked the principal for my request, it was denied.

We also worked to get a comment from the Harris County Superintendent following up on a call that Conley was supposed to get but says she never got.

We managed to get his assistant who could’nt tell us when he would be available.

Conley says at the very least she needs to get an apology from the school.

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