COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – MATH MVMT held a canvassing event this morning to mobilize voters in the surrounding Columbus area. 

The non-profit organization set up shop in Columbus and they are headquartered in what is dubbed the “MATH Mansion.” 

The organization is focused on numbers-based political conversations and their current mission is to help out with voter outreach in the greater Columbus area for the senate runoffs. They held multiple canvassing events this weekend ahead of the election. 

“MATH stands for Make America Think Harder,” Internal Affairs Director, Darien Kenner, said. “MATH MVMT is a grassroots organization that focuses on math based politics. Math based politics is basically problems and solutions by the numbers.”

Volunteers were temperature-checked upon arrival and handed their task sheets for the day.

The group was joined by internet personality and streamer Steven Bonnell, popularly known as Destiny, who has used his platform to mobilize his fan base into political activism.

Destiny’s fans from across the country came to Columbus to attend the event this morning. 

“I realized how much political power was kind of up for grabs at the local level, so I thought it would be really cool to try to organize people at a local level and see if we could actually go on the ground make some kind of actual like meaningful contribution to political campaigns,” Bonnell said. 

The organization  is looking to expand their efforts by opening MATH Mansions in Savannah and Augusta in the near future. 

They will continue to host community events and canvassing events in Columbus all the way up until the Jan. 5 special election.