In the 600 block of Mayo Street in Americus, you’ll see a badly damaged home that took on a massive tree. Thankfully, there were no fatalities.

According to the Sumter County EMA, one of the residents who lived in the home was bed-ridden.

Her family told News 3’s Ashley Garrett that she had to be pulled through a window of the home to get out.

“But thanks to the good Lord…they got a lot to be thankful for,” says next-door neighbor Dorthy Crenshaw-Perkins. 

It’s safe to say, Michael, took Sumter County for a quite a ride. Other residents weighed in on the aftermath of Michael on Thursday.

“After last night we had a lot of power down a lot of trees,” says Sumter County resident Christopher Melton.

Sumter County EMA Director Nigel Poole says he doesn’t know when everything will go back to normal. “I just got off the phone with Georgia Power. They are monitoring the situation. They don’t have an estimated restoration yet,” says Poole. 

County officials tell News 3 what could come in the immediate future.

“We know we had lots of trees on houses. We anticipate having to open a shelter to take care of those severely damaged homes,” Poole continued. 

The next door neighbor. Jonnie Vaughn, says she’s happy no one was hurt. “I’m just getting back in town I consider myself blessed. God is in control.”