COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL)— This summer the Georgia Bureau of Investigation welcomed their new director Michael Register. Earlier this month, Register appointed his new assistant director to this position on his 35th anniversary with the GBI.

Nov. 1, 1978, Chris Hosey started the first day of his 35-year career at the GBI as a narcotics agent. Nov. 1, 2022, Hosey was promoted to assistant director of the GBI where he will oversee the agency’s largest branch, the Investigative Division.

Hosey has spent his entire professional career with the GBI, holding several positions including special agent, inspector, deputy director of investigations and finally assistant director.

The new assistant director has ties back to Columbus and Americus, this is where he received both of his degrees before starting his exclusive career with the GBI.

The former pitcher transferred into Georgia Southwestern State University to play baseball, he spent five years in Americus before graduating with his Bachelor’s in Sociology in 1987. This was the same year he accepted his first position at the GBI.

Just over a decade later, he joined the Georgia Law Enforcement Command College through Columbus State University, a program that is tailored for law enforcement executives. There he earned his Master’s in Public Administration. He attributes his preparedness for his newest role to Columbus State University.

“The education that I receive through my master’s degree or through the command college prepared me a great deal for not only this position, but every position that I’ve had probably within the GBI with management in leadership, those classes are geared towards obviously understanding things like budget and dealing with personnel and personnel matters, leadership in those kinds of topics,” Hosey said. “I just think the education aspect is very important. I think it helps in maturity. I think it helps in preparation for learning.”

In addition to being an advocate for higher education, he also encourages anyone who is interested and passionate about law enforcement to join the field, whether that be at the GBI or another agency.

Assistant Director Hosey has spent his entire career at the GBI, and although he says he cannot pick a favorite position that he’s held over the years, he says his passion for serving the people of Georgia is what has kept him around.

Chris Hosey will be a guest on the Sunday Conversation. Be sure to tune in right here at WRBL on Nov. 27 at 8 a.m. to catch more from him.