ATLANTA, Ga. (WRBL) — Red panda pair “Ruby and Rose” traveled from Tennessee to make Atlanta their new home back in February. After a routine quarantine period, the two-year-old sisters may now be seen exploring their new habitat.

Ruby and Rose originally moved to Zoo Atlanta from Zoo Knoxville on Feb. 23. Previous red panda resident, 5-year-old Jackie, moved from Atlanta to Knoxville in a switch recommended Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Red Panda Species Survival Plan.

Upon arrival, the red panda sisters entered a routine quarantine period where they were not available for public viewing.

While Ruby and Rose were in quarantine, the Zoo Atlanta staff made extensive upgrades to the red panda habitat.

One update includes natural perching which allows the red pandas to travel most of the habitat without being on the ground. Another improvement is an enlarged, enclosed and temperature-regulated building that gives Ruby and Rose the option between an open-air or enclosed area.

As the two adjust to their home, Zoo Atlanta says sightings of the pair are yet to be completely guaranteed.

Those hoping for a Ruby and Rose sighting can find out more information at