Taylor County, Georgia (WRBL) Improvements are on the way to help Reynolds, Georgia residents with their water pressure issues.

“The water lines were put in the 1950s and they’ve been failing for the past 10 to 15 years,” says Butch Turner, Mayor of Reynolds.

Leaking pipes have been a major problem over the years. The city is moving to overhaul the system which has led to low water pressure and more headaches for residents.

“Some of these pipes are called AC, which is called Asbestos Concrete and so these pipes have asbestos in them,” says Turner.

After many complaints from residents, the city council approved the project which will be funded through a USDA grant/ loan.

“Within this project, we will be upgrading the water plant, well, pumps, because we do sometimes get air in the system which breaks the pipes and that may have something to do with the pumps of hydraulics of the system,” says Scott Jones Reynolds City Public Works Director.

4.7 million dollars is being invested in the project. News 3 spoke with one resident who lives nearby. she says as a nurse, it’s important to have the water systems function properly especially in the middle of the pandemic.

“It’s really important for me to have really good water pressure and I feel like I can get clean after I have my shifts,” says Brandy Pitts, Reynolds Resident.

It’s a lot of work, but the city is committed to making improvements.

“Better water quality and water security for the customers so that’s what our ultimate goal is,” says Jones.

Jones says the next step is the planning phase for the project, which can take six months to a year.