COLUMBUS, Ga.- Debra and Chris Porch have decided to send their 3-year old son to pre-kindergarten a year early.

Unlike most schools that require students to be 4-years old, the Emanuel Preparatory School of Math and Science gives parents the opportunity to enroll their kids if they believe they’re ready.

Porch said, “It’s not just a pre-k curriculum he’s already been assessed and they already know about his abilities, strengths, weaknesses and they will take him as far as he can go. We’re excited!”

David Hughes, the Headmaster, says they’ve created a special curriculum that fits the needs of each child.

“We give them a standard pre-k assessment to see what skills they have and what knowledge they have as they enter. From there we break it down and we create a plan for each student so that they can grow at their pace,” said Hughes.

Porch feels confident in his son’s future.

“The fact that they place a strong emphasis on math and science is huge. If you think about the jobs of now and of the future many of those jobs are going to be in the area of math and science,” said Porch.

Carlos Coleman, the school’s Founder and President, started the school because he saw a need in the area.

Coleman said, “The United States falls 125 in math and science on a global level. The state of Georgia only has four STEM states that are worse off in STEM.”

Meanwhile the Porch family hopes there son will choose a career in stem when he’s older.

“If he chooses to pursue a career in that area that will be great,” said Porch.

Emanuel Preparatory School is still enrolling students.

They currently have 13 students and they’re looking to expand up until the fall.

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