PLAINS, Ga. (WRBL) – On Wednesday, July 7th, Former President Jimmy Carter and Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary and the celebration continued this weekend in Plains.

Plains High School was packed wall to wall with event attendees eager to celebrate the Former President and Former First Lady, as they celebrated their first major event, with a full crowd, in over a year.

The Carter’s grandson, Jason Carter, argues it’s hard to make a 75th wedding anniversary more special, but admits it has been special to welcome back many members of their family, after being separated for over a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The fact that our family hasn’t been together because of COVID, the fact that all of us are getting together again for the first time, it’s really made these last few days just an incredible celebration of family, but also of them, and their role in our life, and their exciting legacy of love,” says Jason Carter.

Folks in attendance were lifelong friends and family from Plains, Georgia, including their Pastor, Tony Lowden, of Maranatha Baptist Church, and he says their love should serve as a reminder to us all.

“We’re so divided right now in our nation and everywhere. So they show us what love should be like,” says Lowden.

Inside the school auditorium, their son, Chip Carter, found a lively crowd to share memories with and deliver a toast too, while noting many of the things he learned from his parents. 

“They taught us to do unto to others as we would like for them to do to us. They told us to love our neighbors and to help them when needed. They told us to look to ways to help those who have less than we do, just to help folks, whenever we could, with whatever we have, and for as long as we could,” said Chip Carter.

Also in attendance were notable political leaders in Washington and even a few celebrities. The folks of Plains were thrilled to host such special crowd. After all, this is where their love story began and not even Hollywood could script a story like this.

“Everything here has affected his life in some way, especially this school, where we’re having this event,    where he went to school and was the salutatorian, because he was a bad boy as a senior and didn’t get to be the valedictorian,” said Jan Williams, a resident of Plains.

It was an anniversary celebration for the record books as Former President, Jimmy Carter, and Former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter, are the longest married couple in presidential history.