Who killed Arlene Ivey?


UPSON COUNTY, Ga — For more than a decade, someone has gotten away with murder. In 2005, Arlene Ivey’s body was found in a creek in Upson County. Though the investigation has never stopped, clues have been hard to come by.

In a story you’ll see only on 3, we visit with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Ivey family to check the progress of the case all these years later.

The GBI says it has never stopped following leads in this case. For one thing, agents believe Mrs. Ivey was murdered in her home. However, her body was moved and dumped 17 miles away. Why would the killer do this? This cold and brazen act could prove the killer’s undoing. Instead of hiding Ms. Ivey’s body for days, her remains were quickly discovered. And the boldness of transporting the body may mean someone saw something. Now the family and police just need someone to come forward.

“In my heart, I believe anything is possible. I haven’t given up. This day is like it was yesterday to me,” says Sonya Ivey.

It’s often said time is the great healer. Though the years have certainly passed since the murder of Arlene Ivey, time has done little to heal the hurt of her granddaughter, Sonya.

“I miss her. I miss her. When she left, that part of my life left with her,” says Ivey.

Arlene Ivey’s house stood on Allen Road in the Salem area of Upson County. Now, a chimney is the only reminder of her homeplace.  However, in this spot in 2005, someone entered her home, rummaged through her belongings, and took her life.

“I knew something was wrong. That’s not the way my grandmother would ever leave her house,” says Sonya Ivey.

And something was wrong. By the time her family reported her missing, a body was discovered in another part of the county.

So far, for nearly 11 years now, the banks of Potato Creek have held its secrets. This is where Ms. Ivey’s body was found that tragic September morning back in 2005. And though her death and the circumstances surrounding it have remained mysterious, GBI agents say they are confident this case can be solved and her killer brought to justice.

“We follow any and all leads that come either into our office or the Upson County Sheriff’s Office,” says GBI Special Agent in Charge Fredrick Wimberly.

“I just want to know why,” Sonya Ivey reflects—why someone would make this beloved grandmother the target of twisted rage that stole her away from her family.

If you know anything about the Arlene Ivey case, please contact the Columbus office of the GBI at (706) 565-7888 or the Upson County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 647-7411.  Remember, you may remain anonymous.  Authorities just need your information.

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