Great Wolf Lodge: Clearing up misconceptions

LAGRANGE, Ga. - We're just three months out from the opening of Great Wolf Lodge and many appear to be excited to learn more about all the attraction has in store.

"Ropes course, miniature bowling, miniature golf, an arcade, ziplines and those type of things."- Scott Malone, The President of the developmental authority.

Malone says, another one of Great Wolf Lodge's amenities folks appear to be excited about  is the water park.

"The only thing that's not necessarily open to the use the water park you have to stay in the hotel. "- says Malone.

For those interested in just hanging out at Great Wolf...

"The rest of the entertainment facility which is about 150 thousand to 200 thousand square feet is open to the public. You don't have to stay in the hotel to do that..but once you're inside it you do pay for the activities that are there."- says Malone.     

He explains how Lagrange was selected to be the 16th Great Wolf Lodge location.

"When you combine great leadership with great resources you get great results. Our leadership was prepared when Peachtree City decided they didn't want this project to go up and attract them... to bring them down and take a look."- says Malone.

He says he's confident the Lagrange Great Wolf Lodge will attract many people even those outside of Troup County.

"We were strategically located between Columbus, Atlanta, Montgomery...quick access to Florida and Birmingham and so we're in an area that really fit a need for a hole that had not been filled for Great Wolf in the southeast."- says Malone.

Construction workers tell News Three- they're expecting to be done- well before the lodge  is set to open  May 31st.

They say, about 300 people work from about 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. sometimes six days a week.

For those interested in purchasing your tickets early...

"There's some pretty good discounts right now if you order over the next two weeks so I would encourage you to go ahead and book those tickets."- says Malone.

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