LaGrange Mayor speaks about Kia commercial

LAGRANGE, Ga. (WRBL) - The City of Lagrange didn't allow Atlanta to get all the spotlight during Superbowl Sunday. 

The city was featured in a nationwide Kia commercial that displayed some of the area's greatest features. 

LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton spoke to News 3 about his reaction to the fifteen seconds of fame. 

Kia Motors is launching their 2020 Telluride, which is built exclusively in Troup County at their West Point plant. The unveiling of the new car is taking place this month so they wanted to make a big splash at the SuperBowl.    

Kia Motors is the largest private employer in Troup County, generating thousands of jobs throughout the area.

"They also wanted to feature the people who actually build the car and they wanted to talk a little about our community here, in West Point but really all of Troup County because this is the area that they draw most of their employees from.  It was very exciting to see. I enjoyed watching the commercial. The best part was seeing people that I recognized, seeing faces and saying "Oh I know who that is.." and then also seeing some of the scenes of businesses and streets, particularly in downtown West Point. I was like "okay, I've been there before," says Thornton. 

Mayor Thornton said he received a few texts and Facebook messages about the commercial. He leaked a sneak peek of the car on his social media before the commercial aired and he says there were well over 12,000 views of just the teaser. 

He adds it's safe to say the folks in Troup County were very happy.

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