Savannah Arts Center, yes; Googly Eyed Center for Arts, no

SAVANNAH, Ga. - (AP) - Some of the suggestions were serious and some were silly.
In the end, the Savannah City Council decided to go with a straightforward name for a new public building: The Savannah Cultural Arts Center."
The Savannah Morning News reports that the council had received a variety of suggestions from the community. Some suggested names honoring Savannah-linked artists, writers and musicians.
Among the sillier suggestions was the "Googly Eyed Center for the Arts." That was a reference to pranksters who placed "googly eyes" on a likeness of Revolutionary War figure Nathanael Greene at his monument in October.
The city got 163 responses after soliciting suggestions. Officials said the chosen name had been suggested by more than 20 percent of them.
Thursday's vote was unanimous.


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