STILL ON THE SEARCH: Husband of missing Troup County woman seeks answers

TROUP COUNTY, Ga (WRBL) - Another agonizing anniversary approaches for the loved ones of a missing Troup County woman.  

76-year-old Carol Evans disappeared before the holidays last year. Sheriff's investigators and her family say she suffered from Alzheimers.  Because of her health condition, some questioned if she might have wandered away from her home.
Her husband remembers wonderful times spent with family. 

We had a good time. Got everybody together like that. And we did that on a regular basis in the summertime," says Bill Evans, Carol Evans's husband.

Over their 52 years of marriage, the couple made a lot of memories.  But one of the most unpleasant is the one burned in her husband's mind--Friday, November 10, 2017. That day, Carol Evans disappeared from their Troup County home. 

"I try to maintain hope. But, you know, after five months, it's difficult sometimes," says Mr. Evans.

That afternoon seemed to have the makings of any other day for the couple. 

 "The last thing we did together was hang [a] sign," says Mr. Evans.

That sign is a memento her beloved Habitat for Humanity had given her the night before she vanished.  Mrs. Evans had been very active in that organization. Later in the day, Mr. Evans says Mrs. Evans settled in to watch television while he went outside to cut grass. He says when he returned, Mrs. Evans was gone.  She hasn't been seen since. 

Authorities and family members say little is known about what happened to Mrs. Evans.  But Mr. Evans says it is not from a lack of the Troup County Sheriff's Office and local volunteers trying very hard to find answers. 

They used all kinds of resources searching for her. They searched for a whole week with various methods and no trace of any kind has ever been found," says Mr. Evans. 

And given that, Mr. Evans say it's tough to believe his wife is still alive.  But even so, Mr. Evans says if someone does know something, he wants them to come forward. 

If she got down to the road some way or another and walking on the road and somebody thought they were going to help her out by picking her up and taking her wherever she thought she was going, we would like to know where they might have taken her," says Mr. Evans. 

Mr. Evans says such information would give family and authorities additional places to look for her. 
Anyone with information about Mrs. Carol Evans is asked to contact the Troup County Sheriff's Department at 706-883-1616 or Crime Stoppers at 706-812-1000.

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