Woman says bank returned thousands of her money to wrong customer

DeKALB COUNTY, Ga (WRBL) - A Georgia woman says she is missing close to $9,000-- and she's blaming a Wells Fargo branch for what happened.

Ten days ago, Roslyn Baitney put her money into a drive-up tube to deposit with a teller at a Wells Fargo branch in DeKalb County.  That’s the last she’s seen of it.

"These are her words: ‘This deposit is too large. You need to go on the inside.’ She never said, ‘Hold on. I'm sending the tube back,’” Baitney said.

Baitney said her money didn’t come back to her.  She told the teller.

"And then the teller said: ‘Oh, I wonder why that car behind you didn't do a transaction. They just pulled off.’ ‘Yes, because you gave them my money,’" Baitney said.

Baitney worries about identity theft, too. She says she had personal information in the tube with the money such as her driver’s license.

Meanwhile, Wells Fargo promised to pay Baitney her money by Tuesday.

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