UNION SPRINGS, Ala. — The supernatural can be controversial to some, to others fascinating.  Some people run from it—but not the husband and wife team of the KY Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators out of Florida.  They recently made a trip to Alabama to explore a building that has a reputation among paranormal enthusiasts for having a great deal of activity.

“A lot of ghost hunters have been here. A lot of paranormal people have been here and investigated it.

They found good evidence that it’s haunted. Several lynchings [happened] here, people died, people got murdered here,” says Roger Taylor of KY Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators.

Not exactly a vacation destination for most of us . . . but the old Pauly Jail in Union Springs and the history that comes with it is just the sort of place that intrigues Roger Taylor and his wife Brenda.

They traveled here from central Florida to check the historic site for traces of the supernatural.

This particular night, the Taylors have a specific spiritual target they wish to reach.

“We’re hoping we can communicate with a gentleman that had died here. So far we have a little bit of communication. He has spoken and we have his grandson here with us,” says Brenda Mounce, with KY Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators.

James Brooks of Montgomery is that grandson and came here, too. On Christmas Eve of 1960, his grandfather, JW Mann died in his jail cell here– and has long been rumored to haunt the place.

“That’s what I came here for is to make up my own mind about– if he’s here. Can it be proven?” asks Brooks.

They use paranormal equipment such EVP recorders to try and catch voices.

Tonight, they have a pocket knife that belonged to JW Mann– and Roger Taylor asks him for a sign of his presence. And through the static, they just might have found some evidence:  JW Mann calling his grandson by a little known nickname.

“He said it clear as day, so I’m going to hang around and see what else he can get. That’s pretty freak,” laughs Brooks.

KY Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators say they respect everyone has his/her own beliefs about the spirit world.  They add they don’t try to convince anyone.  Additionally, they don’t charge anyone to come on their ghost hunts. They fund their own trips—and hope to come to Columbus at some point and visit the Springer Opera House.