Golf injury prevention tips


COLUMBUS, Ga. – Golf can be a stress relieving activity and we are lucky to be able to play it all year long here in the South. However, never taking a break can stress out your body. Overuse injuries can happen says, Joel Stenslie, a physical therapist at St. Francis Rehabilitation Center.

He says the more we play golf the greater the chance of injury, “I think if anything injuries always occur when there is an increase in the amount of play..the more chances of playing that obviously increases your chances of an overuse type of injury.”

But Stenslie says don’t despair because there are 3 proactive steps you can take to make your swing strong and healthy:

  • Invest in proper technique. Pay a pro to help you improve your swing. Not only is it good for you body, but it will probably help your game too.
  • Stenslie’s other tip is stretch! He says restricted or tight muscles make our body compensate in other ways. It can lead to injury or dysfunction in the body. Stenslie says golfers should really consider yoga. He says that can improve flexibility, mobility and strength.
  • A physical therapist is also a great option. They can meet you right where you are and set realistic goals to get you from point A to point B.

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