Columbus, Ga. — Today, Goodwill Southern Rivers announced that it will be donating $10,000 to the citizens of Maui following the tragic wildfires that impacted the island. The donation is from the recent campaign where Goodwill customers rounding up their purchases at the register as well as donating a portion of the weekends sales.

On Aug. 28, wildfires roared on the Hawaiian island of Maui, unfortunately destroying more than 2,000 homes and businesses. The fires spread over 2,170 acres of land, making history as the largest natural disaster to happen to the island. The destructions of the wildfires has impacted around 12,000 families and visitor.

Goodwill President and CEO, Jack Warden shared, “The Goodwill location on the island of Maui has been designated as a collection point for much of the relief effort. Long-term, Goodwill Hawaii will be focusing on assisting those impacted by the wildfires. This money will be specifically used to provide job training and job placement assistance helping those affected get back on their feet.”

Warden also said, “It is our hope that this donation will help alleviate, at least in part, a portion of the suffering that we see happening. Our thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Maui.”