Gov. Kemp, Congressman Ferguson rally Trump supporters in Manchester to counter Biden visit


Just down the road in Manchester, Trump supporters rallied on short notice, saying they were sending Biden and the Democrats a message.

They held a Make America Great Again rally the old Manchester Mill that was attended by more than 350.

Gov. Brian Kemp and Congressman Drew Ferguson decry Biden’s policies, career and his attempt to win the presidency.

It was a vocal crowd of Trump supporters, flags flying high.

Even the dogs were wearing Trump sweaters.

If Biden’s trip to Pine Mountain and the old stomping grounds of FDR was loaded symbolism, so was the backdrop of the Trump counter rally.

An old burned out textile mill.

The governor joked about why Biden was in rural Georgia.

“I think it’s a wasted trip,” Kemp said. “We are glad to have him in Georgia. He may have needed some good barbecue or Southern hospitality. But we are going to deliver this state for the president.”

Ferguson said he was “shocked” that Biden would come to Warm Springs and into the heart of the Third Congressional District.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Ferguson said. “After 47 years of bad D.C. policy, that has ruined town after town, after town, after town in my district. At first I pretty mad about it. Then, I said, ‘Look, it is going to be a great opportunity to show him what his policies have done to the Third District of Georgia”

It is clear both sides think that traditionally Republican Georgia and its 16 Electoral College votes are up for grabs for the first time since 1992.

“This is going to be a turnout election,” Kemp said. “It is the same for our two U.S. senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. We got to turn out more than they did. It is what we did in 2018. It is what happened in ‘16. And it’s what we got to do in 2020.”

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