Governor Kay Ivey announces creation of the Alabama Prison Repurposing Commission


Montgomery, Alabama (WRBL) – Governor Kay Ivey moving ahead with major renovation and building projects for Alabama prisons.

Today, Gov. Ivey signed executive order 722 which establishes the Alabama Prison Repurposing Commission. The commission is tasked with evaluating Alabama Department of Correction’s facilities. This evaluation is the key next step before moving forward with plans to build three new mega prison sites, which Gov. Ivey announced on Sept. 3.

The commission will recommend which ADOC facilities should be kept and updated as major correctional facilities, which could be reused by the ADOC for something else and which should be reused for a new function by the public or a private sector.

“The Alabama Prison Repurposing Commission will provide recommendations based on in-depth facility analysis considering both the impact on the state and local community as well the financial ramifications to potentially repurpose or decommission some of our current prison infrastructures. As our Alabama Prison Program moves forward in building three new prisons to provide additional safety for correctional staff and inmates, we will simultaneously need to smartly and safely repurpose or decommission these outdated, aging prisons, many of which were never designed or constructed to be correctional facilities for their current use or capacity.”

A statement from Governor Kay Ivey

Alabama is updating the correctional facilities that are unsafe, that use too many resources and that halt inmate rehabilitation, according to officials.

The commission will give a detailed report that includes their suggestions on the future of male prison facilities. This report will be given to the Governor, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Commissioner of Corrections on or before September 1, 2023, or 90 days after the Commissioner says to the Commission that construction on the final prison is complete.

The suggestions will be carried through six months later unless they are changed by the Commissioner of Corrections.

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