GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Major roads in Greenville are a lot better than 24 hours ago but now the biggest issue are side streets.

A day for the sled hill in Greenville County.

“Had like two races,” said seven-year-old Gaines Perry.

7 News: “Have you won them?”

“Yep,” Gaines said.

It was all all fun and games for children like Gaines Perry. For people old enough to drive though, not as much enthusiasm.

“It would be good if it went on ahead and left,” said Perry’s mother, Sarah.

“I decided to get out and check the roads out and I’m just surprised they’re not in better shape,” said Greenville County resident Joe Overholt.

It has been all hands on deck for state highway patrol troopers.

“Of course, our call volume did go up some but we had enough troopers out to handle it,” said Master Trooper Mitch Ridgeway with the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Master Trooper Mitch Ridgeway said drivers have been listening to their warnings to stay off the roads, for the most part. They hope it stays that way over the next 24 hours though.

“Once the temperature starts to drop again, some of those roads that were getting better, they will probably get a little worse throughout tonight,” Ridgeway explained.

Whether you like it or not, another day on the sled hill is slated for some Greenville families.

“Probably have some hot chocolate in our future, let some of our stuff dry out and then, we’ll hit it again,” Greenville mother Sarah Cummings said.

Going into Monday night and Tuesday morning, troopers are reminding drivers to take it easy, drive slow and be careful on the roads.