Harris County residents storm out after commissioners refuse to comment on a controversial housing development


Harris County residents walk out in protest after county commissioners refuse to address a proposal for a controversial housing development.

A developer wants to build a new 469 home subdivision in Woodland Hills. Commission Chair Becky Langston said because a regional impact study was not conducted, the issue would have to be removed from the agenda.

She also said no one would be allowed to comment. Dozens of Woodland Hills residents left after hearing this. Frank Dillard is the president of the Woodland Hills beautification association. Dillard rallied residents outside telling them to not fret, this is a good thing.

“This is a good thing for us. That’s a synonym for an impact study. It takes a long time to go through that,”Dillard said.

“It’s at the state level. This is actually a very good thing for us. It’s got a fancy called a DRI ( development of regional impact), but the synonym in simple words is it’s an impact study. The county has not done these before. The county is doing it on this.”

According to a Harris county commissioner, a regional impact study is done on large developments that involve over 100 lots.

Dillard says he was prepared to explain to the commissioners why he doesn’t think the proposal would be ideal for his community.

“A lot of the residents in the neighborhood have been there since the beginning of the neighborhood. Some of them are new, but this is a traumatic increase in the density of 469 homes,”Dillard said.

Commission Chair Langston did not say how long the study would take. Dillard says he will be prepared to address the commission whenever it’s brought back on the agenda.

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