Lyrid Meteor Shower – Night astrophotography skies with light trails from streaking meteors in April. (File/Getty)

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Get ready stargazers, we’ve got a meteor shower to view!

The Annual Lyrids meteor shower begins this week and will peak by the end of the week to this weekend. Unlike other meteor showers that can last several weeks to a month, this one tends to be shorter so you’ll have to run out and see it before it’s gone.

The estimated peak will be predawn from April 21st through April 23rd, during this time you’ll be able to see roughly 10-15 meteors per hour. The Lyrids are known for having outbursts, so it’s possible you may be able to see up to 100 per hour. 

Good news, the moon will enter its new moon phase so you won’t have to compete with moonlight for a good show. All you’ll need to do is find a dark place away from city lights. 

The Lyrids mark the end of the months long meteor drought that we typically see from January through mid-April. The last good visible meteor showers were the Geminids in December. 

Now that we have entered our “meteor season” the next meteor shower we can look forward to will be the Eta Aquariids in early May.