HEALTH WATCH: Diagnosing liver trouble in your pets


The liver is one of most vital organs in humans. It is equally as important in pets. It metabolizes drugs, detoxifies the blood and produces proteins essential for blood clotting.

If your pet is lethargic, vomiting, has diarrhea, and is unsteady when walking, your fur baby may be experiencing elevated liver enzyme levels. With those symptoms present, the vet will want to draw your pet’s blood and check the liver enzyme levels.

“So we’re looking at two main enzymes, ALT and ALKP. ALT, the high normal for that would be 125.  And with ALKP, the high value for that would be around 215,” said Dr. Krystal White, veterinarian.

Some levels can shoot as high as 4000 in pets. Elevated liver enzymes are generally treated with fluids intravenously and Denamarin to rejuvenate the healthy liver cells.

The liver can become so aggravated it can lead to seizures in pets.

Elevated liver enzyme levels can be caused by a variety of diseases and conditions and by ingesting toxins.

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